Puppy Dog Love!

Puppy Dog Love!

Give me a hug!


Give A Hug! Don’t Worry …

Give A Hug! Don’t Worry You’ll Get One Back!
Tammy Simons

From Our Heart To Yours!

Hey girls! This is a site put together by 2 caring women who would like to share stories and words of encouragement to anyone out there who needs someone to talk to or to vent about something or maybe just share a story! We are two women who went to school together and have remained close for all these years! Beth Saffell is a wonderful woman who I love dearly! She is very caring and compassionate! We always seem to be on the same track! We have been through a lot and know first hand what it’s like to be poor, not knowing where your next meal is coming from, or very sick and not have anyone to be there for you! To feel so alone and want to hibernate like the bears and just pray to God that when it was time to come out that everything would just be all better! We both suffer from bad hearts physically but please know that our hearts are open to anyone out there that has a need! We wanted to come together and make a place where women can share anything! No matter how big or how small it may seem, everything is important to us! We want to help and we want to listen! We also want to include fun things, so we can share laughs and let loose sometimes! Get relief from the real world! Maybe have a virtual slumber party! Please don’t be embarrassed to talk about anything! We are not here to judge, we will leave that up to God! He is our judge! We will tell our stories and share our tribulations with you, so don’t be afraid to share yours with us! We also will have a place for recipes, to post or view someone else’s! And somewhere to talk about books and movies! Feel free to express your thoughts so others can enjoy a mix of opinions! Our future is optimistic! We plan on growing and making new friends around the world! May God bless each and every one of you that come here and join our group of Women’sHearts! šŸ™‚ Tammy*

Never Feel Alone!

If there is ever a time that you feel so alone and nobody to talk to, then reach out to Women’s Heart and there will always be someone that cares! Please reach out! We care!

Your friend in Heart,


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Hello my new friends

My friend and IĀ started this blog for women to come together and share there stories. I had quad bypass in Nov 2011 and my life was forever changed, some for the better so not so much. I felt lost at times and still do as I had no one to talk to about what I was going through and what to expect. So we started this blog to bring together ideas , thoughts and uplifting stories. My dearĀ friend has heart failure and she is 48 so we have much in common and want to help others with questions or just a hand or hug. We will answer all questions and if we dont know the answer we will find it. Would like to hear from other women about how they are coping and the life changes that have had to do.


Your Friends in Heart

Beth and Tammy